The best sterilization you get with Kalstein Autoclaves

At Kalstein we have a multitude of products that are ideal for your clinical laboratory and not only that, but we expand our horizons to truly cover every area of health.


They see that we show you an instrument with the highest quality of the market and with a fundamental use for the department of stomatology, ophthalmology, operating room and CSSD.


The Kalstein Autoclave is applicable for the sterilization of solid instruments unpacked in these departments. It is entirely guaranteed that you will feel a great difference, compared to other equipment on the market.


And not only that, we also take care of guaranteeing its proper functioning, offering you technical service in the event that any of our products should ever break down. All without additional costs.


Now, let’s review the features of our Horizontal Autoclave:



  • Sterilization programs for fabrics, instruments, rubber and liquids.
  • Equipped with printer to print date, time and process parameters.
  • Built-in efficient steam generator, microcomputer temperature control.
  • Perfect four-level authority management system to prevent malfunction.
  • The positive pressure air extraction system to extract cold air from the chamber.
  • The post-dying function means that the residual moisture content of sterilized articles is less than 3%.
  • Touch screen with temperature, pressure, time, operating status and fault message.
  • Overheat protection device, double door safety lock, overpressure relief valve, short-circuit protection and overpressure protection.


On the other hand, we also offer you in Kalstein a cylindrical horizontal autoclave with the following features:



  • Drying function
  • Interlock function.
  • Automatic sterilization process
  • 304 stainless steel material chamber.
  • Safety valve for over pressure protection.
  • Over-temperature, over-pressure protection device.
  • Water level sensor. The power will be cut-off automatically in case of low water level.


Which one of these is the one you’re looking for?